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Event: SkillsTraining

Location: Clear Creek 

Fields: 6 & 9

Age Group and Times:

Select & Elite U8-U11  5:45 - 7pm

Select & Elite U12- U14  7:15 - 8.30pm

Dates: Aug 11,18,25


New Times:

7-8:15pm Sept 8,15,22,29

                 Oct 6th


BU 9 2014 Party on the Pitch Champions BSC GU12 Galaxy Gold Division Runners up BSC GU 14 Eagles Dog Days Champions

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About Us

At BSC, soccer is our business. It’s ALL we do. Our goal is to provide each player with a safe, fun and rewarding atmosphere in which to learn to the game. Each child will have the opportunity to grow as an athlete and as a teammate. They will learn the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship. They will learn to think and react quickly while developing soccer-related skills. And, they will have the opportunity to graduate to higher levels of competition, if they so choose.


Beechmont Soccer Club
4030 Mt. Carmel Tobasco Rd
Suite: 301